Autochair Driving Aids

We offer a wide range of driving aids and hand controls at Autochair; to ensure that a vehicle remains easily operable when being used by a disabled driver.

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We offer a wide range of driving aids and hand controls at Autochair; to ensure that a vehicle remains easily operable when being used by a disabled driver. These come in a number of shapes and sizes, all especially designed to allow a user to work around specific impairments to movement and function.

The majority of the driving aids available from us either increase the ease with which a vehicle can be controlled with your hands, or allow for more functions to be handled without the use of your feet; essentially removing pedal control, for drivers who are unable to effectively make use of it.

We also offer left foot acceleration adaptations, allowing a driver who is unable to use both feet for pedal control, to use their left leg to both brake and accelerate.


Hand Controls

Easy-to-use hand controls use special levers installed close to the steering wheel and connected to the foot pedals to make braking and acceleration possible for people who cannot use their feet while driving.

Thanks to clever design and some simple engineering, push/pull levers put full control of accelerating and braking in the palm of your hand – pull to accelerate and push to brake.

Designed for automatic cars and tailor-made to suit different models, ease of use, comfort and safety are all taken care of, while the added extra of an indicator switch will allow you to signal a change in direction without taking your hand off the steering wheel.


Driving Aids

Driving aids use specially designed handles or pedals to change the way in which drivers control their cars in order to overcome reduced mobility, such as T-shaped handles to give extra purchase on handbrakes or steering balls, which allow for safe steering using just one hand.
For many people, limited mobility, arthritis and reduced manual dexterity can make turning the steering wheel, operating their car’s pedals and engaging the handbrake a challenge, so driving aids can be attached to their controls to offer them alternative means of control.

Left Foot Accelerators

If you cannot use your right foot to accelerate, it is still possible to drive using your left foot instead – by installing a twin-flip left foot accelerator pedal on the left side of the brake.

Tailor-made to suit a wide range of automatic cars, the twin-flip system allows you to fold down an accelerator pedal on either side of the brake while the other one tucks safely away – meaning your car can be operated by both disabled and able-bodied drivers.


Steering Aids

Limited hand or finger movement means that many people struggle to hold and turn their steering wheel, but our products put them back in full control.

An easy-to-grip steering ball or a tetra – a rotating plate which drivers operate by placing their wrist between three pins and then moving their forearm – attached to a steering wheel offers an effective alternative to having to hold and release the wheel while turning it.