RibGrips – Advanced Wheelchair Rims – Pair


RibGrips – Advanced Wheelchair Rims – Pair

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The redesigned RibGrips are now a wrap over/cover style variation.  This single variation now fits ALL 24″, 25″ and 26″ standard 3/4″ tubing handrims REGARDLESS of how they attach to the wheels.  They simply wrap over any existing raw handrims without needing removal from the wheel rim.  This new wrap over/cover style variation:

*  Installs faster compared to our original design (Customer can install)

*  Is removable without damage to handrims

*  Is lighter compared to our original design

*  Antimicrobial protection

*  Less expensive per set

*  And performs the same as the original design; if not better.

*  RibGrips Wrap Over Cover Video

Please see below the measurement guide for your reference:







Wheel Size

18.5"-19", 18"-18.5", 19.5"-20", 19"-19".5", 20.5"-21", 20"-20.5", 21.5"-22", 21"-21.5", 22.5"-23", 22"-22.5"