Tarta Under Seat Wheelchair Bag

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 The most stylish bag available.


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The new Tarta Under Seat Bag has been designed to be easy to assemble and use. Compared to a traditional backpack on the wheelchair backrest, this bag sits nicely under your seat, giving you easy access   

Tarta Under Seat Bag offers the following benefits:

  • The weight and the bulkheads are positioned under the chair of the wheelchair to stabilize the center of gravity of the vehicle and avoid possible overturning
  • The position of the Bag allows the user to have all of his possessions at hand and safe
  • The multiple pockets allow for optimal organization of the objects
  • Reflex inserts positioned on the 4 sides ensure excellent night-vision in every direction.
  • Measurements – 21cm (top to bottom at front).   25cm wide.   32cm long.


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